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Our vision is to connect the producer / miner to its consumer in seamless and cost effective manner. We achieve this through our interconnected global network of specialists.

Off Take Agreements

1Global helps you achieve secure long-term supply agreements in a cost effective manner to cater for your requirements. These agreements are designed to provide secure supply at a competitive price in a sustainable manner.

Strategic Tie Ups / Joint Venture

With our global network and ground level presence we are in an unique position of having the market intelligence about promising projects and producers looking for strategic tie ups. Are you looking for one?

Carbon Credits

Is your objective to be carbon neutral or are you looking at reducing your carbon foot print. We have partnered with Companies whose projects are registered, approved and has received carbon credits from globally recognised registries such as VERRA and CDM.


Are you a small to medium manufacturer? Do you find it difficult to source your raw material at cost effective price.
Look no further, we have a set of small and medium clients whose requirements we aggregate and source raw materials at competitive pricing. Click below to register your interest.

Australia has among the world’s largest recoverable resources of critical minerals.

Australia is considered the most attractive region in the world for mining investment by the Fraser Institute’s Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2020, based on mineral potential and supportive government policies.


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Critical minerals

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If you are interested in learning more about the Critical minerals landscape in Australia and investment opportunities, our expert team will be more than happy to arrange the session.